bach 01

Gregor Hollmann,
Rudolf Innig,
Bernward Lohr,
Ludger Rémy, harpsichord
Musica Alta Ripa

MDG 309 0684-2

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Complete Solo Concertos Vol. 1

Concerto in A minor for 4 harpsichords (Cembali) and strings BWV 1065
Concerto in F major for 2 harpsichords,
2 recorders (Blockflöten) and strings BWV 1057
Concerto in f minor for harpsichord and strings
BWV 1056
Concerto in C major for 2 harpsichords
BWV 1061a

Excerpts from the booklet

In new phase in Bach’s composition fort he Concerto genre began in 1729, when he became the director of the Leipzig Collegium Musicum founded by Telemann. Our sources for the concertos for one to four harpsichords date to these years, and all the works heard on the present recordings come from this late period of Bach’s concerto oeuvre. (Prof. Dr. Werner Breig)

Excerpts from the reviews

„…überzeugen Klangsinn und Temperament.“ (Stereoplay 1996)

„…meets their high standard. Warmly recommended.“ (Fanfare, 1996)

“MDG’s sound quality, as always with this impressively engineered label, is unbeatably detailed and natural, complementing warm intimacy with a clear sense of the space around the performers.” (Soundscapes, 1996)

“…fière élégance.” (Répertoire, 1996)