bach 05

Gregor Hollmann,
Rudolf Innig,
Bernward Lohr,
Ludger Rémy, harpsichord
Karl Kaiser, flute
Anne Röhrig, violin
Musica Alta Ripa

MDG 309 0685-2

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Complete Solo Concertos Vol. 5

Concerto BWV 1060 for 2 harpsichord and strings
C minor / ut mineur / c-Moll

Concerto BWV 1042 for violin, strings and b. c.
E major / mi majeur / E-Dur

Concerto BWV 1058 for harpsichord,
strings and B. c.
G minor / sol mineur / g-Moll

Concerto BWV 1050a for harpsichord, flute, violin and strings
(Early version of the "Brandenburg Concerto" No. 5)
D major / ré majeur / D-Dur

Excerpts from the booklet

The Concerto for Harpsichords and Strings G minor BWV 1058 is the last finished work in the autograph of the concertos for one harpsichord. As far as the compositional chronology of this group of works is concerned, this concerto stands at the beginning and documents the earliest stage in Bach’ efforts to transform concertos for one melody instrument into harpsichord concertos. (Prof. Dr. Werner Breig)

Excerpts from the reviews

„Lebhaft, agil." (FonoForum, 2001)

„Here is an early – instruments ensemble that produces beautiful sounds in forthright interpretations of great music. I think MDG has a valuable series here." (Fanfare, 2001)