MDG 317 0631-2

Rudolf Innig, Orgel

Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) Complete Organ Works Vol. 3

Les Corps Glorieux (1939)

Verset pour la Fête de la Dédicace (1960)

Excerpts from the booklet

Messiaen composed Les corps glorieux in 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II. It marks the end of the first phase of his organ composition. This phase had begun in 1928 with the short meditation Le banquet céleste and reached its first high point with the nine-movement Le Nativité du Seigneur organ cycle in 1935. In contrast, the Verset pour la Fête de la Dédicace, a work composed for a Paris Conservatory composition competition in 1960, has an entirely different tonal idiom and thus marks the beginning of the last phase in Messiaen's organ composition. It would be followed by two monumental organ cycles, Méditations sur le mystère de la Sainte Trinité (1969) and the Livre du Saint Sacrement (1984). Both works also number among the central works in the whole of twentieth-century music. (Rudolf Innig)

Excerpts from the reviews

“Der Zauberer der Orgelkompositionen, Olivier Messiaen, trifft auf einen Magier der Tastenkunst, Rudolf Innig, und die Gesamteinspielung wird um das Vol. III reicher.“ (Vision, 1996)

„Rudolf Innig’s career has been a success in every sense of the word… a definite and distinctive contribution to Messiaen organ playing.” (Fanfare, 1996)