MDG 317 0619-2

Rudolf Innig, Orgel

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Complete Organ Works

Studien für den Pedalflügel op. 56

Skizzen für den Pedalflügel op. 58

Sechs Fugen über den Namen BACH op. 60


Excerpts from the booklet

When Schumann offered the six BACH fugues to his publisher Whistling, he wrote: „This is a piece of work, that I prepared during the whole of the previous year, so that it might be worthy of the high name that it bears, a piece of work which I believe will perhaps survive longer than any of my others”. ... The BACH fugues doubtless represent the height of Schumann’s “fugue passion”. They occupy a pride of place – and not only because they were the first in the long series of BACH compositions that has continued right up until the present day. Schumann’s fugues need not to shy away from comparison with the most famous examples of this series, the BACH pieces by Franz Liszt and Max Reger. (Prof. Dr. Walter Werbeck)

Excerpts from the reviews

„Ein Kompendium, das auch interpretatorische Maßstäbe setzt.“ (Neue Musikzeitung,, 1996)

„Meilenstein“ (Fonoforum, 1996)

„Rudolf Innig’s profound artistic and scholarly knowledge makes him the perfect interpreter for Schumann’s elaborately and expertly designed organ works. The versatile organist has been honoured with numerous international prizes…” (Fanfare, 1996)

“Excellent image, de bon volume”. (Diapason, 1996)