MDG 317 0487-2 (4 CDs)

Rudolf Innig
Klais Orgel in St. Stephanus, Beckum

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847) Complete Organ Works

Six Sonatas op. 65

Original Versions to Six Sonatas op. 65

Drei Präludien und Fugen op. 37

Early Works and Fragments


Excerpts from the booklet

In 1845 four major publishing houses in Milan, Leipzig, London, and Paris released the work of an enthusiastically acclaimed composer at the same time, a highly unusual event.  Felix Mendelssohn, the composer, was described as the “brightest star of our time” and the “Mozart of the 19th century” (Robert Schumann).  Anyone’s guess of a new orchestral work or an oratorio is quite mislead.  The works are “Six sonatas for organ op. 65”.  The spectacular publishing shows that Mendelssohn was sure these sonatas were not only new but ground-breaking.  These sonatas were carefully crafted over a period of several years.  They combined a trendsetting combination of the liturgical tradition in the organ music, which can be seen in choral adaptions as well as fugues, and the musical mainstream influenced by symphonic styles and virtuosic character pieces.  Exaggerated can be said from today’s perspective that organ music started with the works of Felix Mendelssohn in the 19th century.  (Rudolf Innig)

Excerpts from the reviews

„Die Musikproduktion Dabringhaus & Grimm und der Organist Rudolf Innig haben sich mit dieser lebendig klingenden Einspielung große Verdienste erworben. Fast überflüssig zu sagen, dass der schon vielfach ausgezeichnete Organist den technischen und interpretatorischen Anforderungen überlegen spielend gerecht wird.“ (Fonoforum, 1995)

„All told, this one seems to have the right sound with the right engineering and exciting playing. A very worthwhile collection for complete collectors!” (American Record Guide, 1995)